Nathan Latka about BizMachine: Bootstrapped to $1.5m

One of our founders, Martin Ondáš, had a 12-minute-long interview with Nathan Latka, the founder of the agency. Nathan has already interviewed hundreds of SaaS CEOs and founders. He thus knows how to ask and what about: Clients, monthly and yearly revenues, etc.

Martin was answering Nathtan´s questions quite fast. Just listen for yourselves!
You might find out, for example: How many people are on our team. What did it take to change an agency to a SaaS business in our case? And most interestingly, what does it mean for us to be bootstrapped? Nathan also asked under which conditions we would accept an investor or, to use Martin´s words, a strategic partner.

Do you want to find out all these things about us?
Listen to this podcast episode and get ready for quite a speed. In just 12 minutes, you will learn most of the important stuff about BizMachine.

Thank you for listing us among the SaaS companies and for all your excellent questions.

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