We are Data as a Service
 technological company

We help our clients be more successful in B2B sales.

We analyse the digital footprint
of companies 

We bring our clients new business leads, help with advanced segmentation and prioritization of business opportunities, and support better conversions on existing portfolios.

Our technology, built on artificial intelligence, processes data on all seven million active companies on the Czech, Slovak and German markets. We update the data we collect from more than a hundred relevant sources every day.

We offer advanced data processing and visualizations together with sophisticated data analyses even to companies for which it was previously unavailable.

We are trusted by more than 300 customers - from local companies to global players such as Microsoft, MasterCard and Cisco Systems.

We help companies streamline their B2B
sales and marketing

And we love doing it! Since 2016.

BizMachine was founded in late 2016 by three former
McKinsey&Company partners Martin Nepraš, Martin Ondáš and Martin Lucký. They have invested tens of millions of crowns in building a unique database of companies, algorithms and great data, development and consulting teams. BizMachine products and other project solutions are built on them.

You can expect the stability of a company with an annual turnover exceeding 35 million crowns, but also startup speed and mindset

We offer the experience of 20+ data enthusiasts - we include data engineers, analysts, data scientists, developers, and B2B business consultants. We are a professional team. We all enjoy data. We came to BizMachine from companies like Teradata, McKinsey, Google, SAP, O2, and more.

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Looking for a partner?
It is us!

We are a partner who understands both data and business. We act as an expert consultant, especially at the beginning of the cooperation. We won't ask you what data you want to use. Instead, we listen, are eager to understand your goals and needs. We are ready to dig into the specifics of your business and only then design a solution that will work for you.

And on top of that:

We undrestand both data and business

And thus design solution fitting your needs.

We have relevant and hard-to-obtain data

We have an unrivalled range of data sources on companies that are quite difficult to obtain for others. With us, you will have them at your service.

We offer a comprehensive data solution

You will get a functional data solution from us. We can also help you with the architecture of the solution if you need it.

We deliver prototypes fast

Our prototypes are pragmatic yet flexible and scalable.

We know how to stabilize the solution

We can transform the proposed solution into a product and also provide ongoing and long-term support for it.

We are a team you can rely on

Martin Ondáš

Executive Director

Martin Nepraš

Executive Director

Martin Lucký





Data Lead


Sales Director


Head of Marketing


Office Manager


Sales Team


Sales Team


Sales Team


Sales Team


Sales Team


Sales Team


Data Team


Data Team


Data Team


Data Team


UX Design




Development Team


Data Team


Development Team


Development Team


Development Team


Development Team

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"Data analysts must experience the trade-off between a technically perfect solution and delivering understandable outputs to the customer within a given time or budget constraint," says our Data Lead Jan Fait.

Get to know us better

Are you interested in what exactly we do and how our work benefits our clients? Here is some content in Czech on that.

In cooperation with CzechCrunch, we have prepared a unique ranking of the TOP 100 e-shops according to their turnover in the Czech market!

Read the Czech article to find out what makes the ranking unique and how it was created, or browse the whole ranking data

You can also read our blog, describing our cooperation with the CzechCrunch editor.

And you can have this data for yourself too! Just contact us!

Lupa.cz used our
e-commerce data for its article

Read the article.

Listen to DataTalk podcast

featuring Martin Ondáš and Honza Fajt. They discuss our data usage and how we utilize it with the host.
Listen to this one-hour interview!

Médiář wrote about how we can help digital agencies.
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The WebTop100 podcast: Martin Ondáš talked about how B2B sale works and how we can help our clients with it!

Or read about the begining of our story:

Read the article in Hospodářské noviny

Listen to podcasts with one of our founders - Martin Lucký:

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Sales Booster

Listen to how does BizMachine differ from traditional incumbents in the data space on Voices of Fintech.

Read more about what we do.

For example, in an interview with CzechCrunch
with Martin Ondas.
Read the whole interview. The headline alone shows the breadth of our scope:

They collect data on goats, e-shops and Teslas. Czech startup does business on what companies reveal about themselves

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