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Use regularly updated e-commerce data to target your business activities more effectively! Keep up-to-date with what's happening in the world of e-commerce.

Effective lead generation for
e-shop suppliers

Entire e-commerce landscape in one place

Regurally updated full market view on all e-shops.

Fresh contacts to decision makers

We pair e-shop data with regularly updated contacts so you can jump straight to reach-out activities.

Unique coupling of e-shop data with company data,

because in the background of every e-shop, there is always a company we know everything about. This link can help you paint a much clearer picture of the size and potential of the e-shop!

Data from various sources in one place

Have detailed data from e-shop websites, aggregators, marketing tools, and other e-commerce sources in one place.

Advanced e-shop segmentation

for example by products they offer or technologies they use.

Together with CzechCrunch, we have put together a ranking of the 100 largest e-commerce retailers on the Czech market. Take a look at the full ranking, or select the category you are interested in.

Or read the Czech article on CzechCrunch

You can have the whole e-commerce market at your fingertips too!
Try our dashboard.

Our e-commerce dashboard offers a view of the entire
e-commerce market of Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian e-shops. Having lots of business-relevant data in one place will help you better aim your sales and marketing activities at the right e-shops.

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What will the dashboard tell me?

  • How big is the e-commerce market in the Czech Republic

  • In which categories are the most e-shops 

  • How many and which e-shops are not on Heureka or Zboží.cz

  • Which e-shops also have brick-and-mortar branches 

  • In which e-shops do sales assistants, marketeers, or warehouse workers work

  • Which e-shops are hiring new employees

  • Which e-commerce platforms are popular among

  • Which delivery providers do e-shops prefer

Our e-commerce data is used
as a source of interest for the media

has unveiled surprising truths about the Czech
E-Commerce market.


This magazine used our granular analysis of the Czech
E-commerce to individual online retailers as t is a valuable avenue for gaining new insights.

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