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Do you need to reach new clients? 
Want to help your clients better target their B2B campaigns?
Our data can help you in both cases.

Find your clients with our data. Do you work for e-shops and want to find those with great growth potential and high traffic but, at the same time, not yet advertising adequately? Do they have their own marketing department? With all this, our data will help you.

Find your new clients

With our data, you'll know exactly who to call and when. Define the clients you want to reach, and we'll help you find the ones who will benefit from your services. Stop cold-calling companies blindly.

Use BizMachine and make your job easier.

Reach out to the right clients

With our data, you can have the contacts of decision-makers at the companies that are your dream clients. Do you work for e-shops? We can help you find those with great growth potential who aren't investing enough in marketing. Or you need to find exciting manufacturing companies in your region that don't have a marketing department. With our data, that's no problem.

Use our data to target your clients' campaigns better

You can also use our data to target your campaigns better. Help your clients find the right leads at the right time. You don't need any additional licenses to do this.

Thanks to our database of companies, you will have in a few clicks:

Fresh contacts on decision-makers

Precise targeting of your B2B campaigns

Startling business insights

Easy connection to your CRM

Need instant access to daily updated data on 7 million Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian companies? Use our software.
You can access valid and accurate data from our company database almost instantly.

We outlined how we can help agencies in Médiář 

What can you find out in the text?

  • Our data can aid you in identifying suitable clients for your agency. By providing us with your criteria for an ideal client, we can help you locate all the relevant companies on the market that meet those standards.
  • You can use our data to improve your clients' direct campaign targeting in the B2B industry without needing any separate license for using our data to benefit your clients.

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