What does BizMachine do, and how does it differ from traditional incumbents in the data space?

Today, a new podcast episode of Voices of Fintech has been released. And this time, Rudolf Falat was hosting our CEO, Martin Ondáš. Martin´s favorite question was: “How is BizMachine different from the traditional incumbents in the company data space?” We will not tell you what the answer was. You need to listen to the episode yourselves.

We can only tell you that Rudy wanted to know more about what BizMachine does. Rudy was curious about BizMachine´s clients and, more importantly, about the data we use: Is our data GDPR compliant? How do we make sure the data is of the highest quality? Can we use only publicly available data or add private data sources? How do we make sure no data leaks?

All fundamental questions, and Martin was happy to answer them all. Are you wondering how?
Spare 30 minutes and listen to the episode

Rudy, thank you again for having Martin on your stunning Voices of Fintech podcast!