Sell smarter in B2B with BizMachine data & insights

Enjoy access to the richest source of company information, dynamic market mapping and lead generation, all tailored to your specific needs, processes and systems.

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BizMachine .DataFeed

Automate the enrichment of your own tools with BizMachine information

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BizMachine .Sales

Make your sales people more effective with BizMachine lead generation and sales insights

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BizMachine .Marketing

Ensure accurate and up-to-date target market knowledge and high campaign effectiveness

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BizMachine .Bespoke

Leverage BizMachine data, tools and capabilities for dedicated project collaborations

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Why BizMachine?


Richest source of company information

We are constantly linking new sources of company data. We want to know everything. We are obsessed with data quality to make sure you get comprehensive, high quality and accurate information.


Partnership with our clients

We monitor the value we bring to our clients, and strive to further increase it. We support clients in strategic projects and build our capabilities around their requirements.


Technology that you can grow with

We make working with information easy and customize BizMachine data and tools to clients' evolving needs. Our scalable platform is designed to support large corporations with regulated IT processes.


Data & insights tailored to your business

Our data team distills the most relevant and most valuable insights from BizMachine data platform. Our client team takes into account the specifics of client sector and helps integrate the data into client's business processes, including feedback.

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