Top 100 E-shops in Czech Republic: A Comprehensive Ranking Prepared by BizMachine & CzechCrunch

We have partnered with CzechCrunch to bring you a list of the top 100 e-shops in the Czech Republic based on their revenue. Our ranking is based on published financial data as well as factors such as website traffic, search engine rankings, customer reviews, external statistical sources, and interviews with selected e-shop operators. Check out the ranking list or learn more about our methodology.

According to the APEK data, 197 billion crowns are spent in Czech e-commerce annually, which is already a significant part of the trade conducted in the Czech Republic. But who are the most prominent players in this market? Which e-shops have the highest turnover from selling goods in the Czech Republic? And how to arrive at these figures if not all companies publish their financial statements or differentiate them by country and source of income? Peťo Brejčák from CzechCrunch came to us with an incredible challenge: Despite all this, to compile a ranking list of the 100 largest e-shops in the Czech Republic.

Together we spent several weeks fine-tuning our methodology. It involves a combination of in-depth research and expert estimates. For each e-shop, we checked the availability of financial statements and supplemented them with other indicators that BizMachine collects and can tell us about their economic situation. These include data on site traffic, search engine rankings, number of user reviews, and many others. This information has helped us determine the approximate revenue value from the sale of goods on the Czech online market. 

We knew our numbers might not be 100% accurate. For some e-shops, we had to rely on our educated guesses because they do not have publicly available financial statements or have them distorted by various factors, such as the international presence or the diversity of their product range. Therefore, we also consulted our results with leading e-commerce experts to validate our data. We aimed to provide the most reliable and objective view of the Czech e-commerce market.

The ranking is relatively accurate for the most prominent players on the market. Still, for medium-sized e-shops with sales below CZK 500 million, analyzing other factors and data we used to make our educated guesses may play a more significant role. However, you are definitely in for an exciting read about the top 100 players in the Czech e-commerce market. We hope you have fun exploring our rankings.

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We recommend exploring the entire top 100 and the rankings by category.
Did you know that in the top 100 Czech e-shops, there are:

  • 43 e-shops focused on electronics, 
  • 19 on fashion, 
  • 11 on cosmetics and drugstores, 
  • 9 on sports and outdoors, 
  • 7 on hobby and entertainment, 
  • 5 on homeware and furniture, 
  • 3 on books and media, 
  • 2 on food and beverages,
  • and one on travel? 

While everyone can probably name the biggest electronics retailer, how would you fare in the fashion category or online sporting goods sales?

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