We are a Data as a Service
 technological company

Startup mindset & professional approach

At BizMachine, you can expect the professional environment of a company with an annual revenue of over USD 2 million, but also startup speed and mind-set.

There are more than 40 of us. We are potent in both technology and business. Data analysts, engineers, data scientists, developers, business consultants, and B2B business experts are among us. We come to BizMachine with experience from companies like McKinsey & Company, Teradata, Accenture, Google, O2, EY, and more. We actively pass on the knowledge we have gained to our colleagues and clients. We make full use of technology and data in B2B business and marketing. We provide our clients with evidence so that they can make data-driven decisions. As a result, we make life easier for them and their salespeople.

These values unite us.
We seek those who will share them with us.


We are open to the opinions of others, get inspired, accept feedback, and when we don't like something, we give our feedback constructively. We are straightforward with each other and with our clients.


We respect our colleagues and clients, even if we have different opinions. We value the time and effort that colleagues and clients give us.


We proactively offer help, supporting those who take the initiative while expecting everyone to ask for help when they need it. We don't let each other down. We enjoy the success of individuals and teams.


We are not afraid to embark on a journey with an uncertain outcome because we believe that continuous improvement will get us there. We support each other and our clients in their development. We learn from each other.

We help our clients
being more successful
in B2B sales.

We have been on the market since 2016. 300 companies and 1,000 people use our services every day. They benefit because we have analyzed and sorted the structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data about companies into precise analyses and interpretations. Within a few clicks with our company database, users can, for example, find out which customers are worth approaching and when exactly.

We understand both data and business

We also use our ability to understand each company’s specific business strategy to prepare sophisticated analyses. When we profile their ideal customer, we don’t stop at sorting based on turnover or number of employees. We go much further in segmenting the market and potential. We combine data from public registers, statistical offices, establishment databases, and online catalogs or media articles. We now bring sophisticated data collection and analysis to companies of almost all sizes that only large corporations could afford previously.

Our tech stack goes hand in hand with our clients’ needs

We process large amounts of data in various forms and structures daily. That’s why the BizMachine tech stack is
a hybrid model with benefits for both developers and data scientists. The core development team builds on the Microsoft stack (.NET/#C, MS SQL, Azure) and the front-end in React. Data integration into the product and async jobs make heavy use of Azure Functions, Data Factory and Storage. 

Data teams manage relational databases on SQL Server (On-Premise and Azure), develop custom ETL in Python (scrapy, pymongo), internal tools (Django, fastapi, celery), and predictive analytical solutions (pandas, statsmodels, scikit-learn, etc.). Orchestration of data jobs is handled locally in Airflow. Continuous deployment is organized by Azure Pipelines and executed by a combination of Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

We are looking for suitable solutions 

One of the core competencies we have, but also require, is knowing how to use a tool and always choosing the right one according to what it’s suited for - whether it’s cleaning data, building a pipeline, or interpreting data using AI.


Dedicated time for innovaton

Extra days off

Bike-friendly office


Stable company

Refreshments in the office

Original offices

Supporting diversity

Career growth

Advantageous mobile plan

Friedly environment

Relax zone

Professional team

 The possibility to chose the working device

U Lékaře.cz

Educational and growth programme

Benefits for parents

Flexibile working hours

Who can you meet at BizMachine

What does it look like at BizMachine?

Get to know us better

Are you interested in what exactly we do and how our work benefits our clients? Here is some content in Czech on that.

In cooperation with CzechCrunch, we have prepared a unique ranking of the TOP 100 e-shops according to their turnover in the Czech market!

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You can also read our blog, describing our cooperation with the CzechCrunch editor.

And you can have this data for yourself too! Just contact us!

Lupa.cz used our
e-commerce data for its article

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featuring Martin Ondáš and Honza Fajt. They discuss our data usage and how we utilize it with the host.
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Médiář wrote about how we can help digital agencies.
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The WebTop100 podcast: Martin Ondáš talked about how B2B sale works and how we can help our clients with it!

Or read about the begining of our story:

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Listen to how does BizMachine differ from traditional incumbents in the data space on Voices of Fintech.

Read more about what we do.

For example, in an interview with CzechCrunch
with Martin Ondas.
Read the whole interview. The headline alone shows the breadth of our scope:

They collect data on goats, e-shops and Teslas. Czech startup does business on what companies reveal about themselves

To know what moves us now, see our LinkedIn

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Seven hundred brave

Czech companies with high turnover that have given important decision-making power to women. It's still pitifully low compared to other countries. And almost half of these companies are concentrated around Prague or based in the capital.

Inšpiratívny tím veľmi šikovných ľudí, práca na zaujímavých projektoch

Kolektiv, pracovní nasazení, mladý kolektiv, přístup, vstřícnost

Cool technologie, svoboda vytvářet, inspirativní kolegové.

Moznost se ucit a delat na super zajimavych vecech, skvely team a atmosfera, kombinace start-up kultury a velice profesionalni prace

Firemní atmosfora v kostce

See BizMachine profile at Atmoskop.cz (employees reviews in Czech only)

Open positions

Are you interested in our company? Do you love data? Would you like to work for us? Get in touch with us, and maybe together, you can come up with a role perfect just for you.

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