• Micro-segmentation of your relevant market based on specific and agreed characteristics of individual companies
  • Real time monitoring of target market and trends, identification of attractive opportunities risks
  • Simple generation of target lists and campaigns based on advanced and detailed criteria

Microsegmentation of your relevant market according to the specific characteristics of individual companies, e.g.

  • Companies with eshops for a particular technology
  • Companies running restaurants in highly frequented places
  • Companies using specific IT technology
  • Companies with premium vehicles
  • Companies with specific employee benefits

Keeping track of market development, capturing trends and identifying interesting changes in companies, e.g.:

  • Newly opened and closed stores, including eshops
  • Launch of a new product or service
  • Entry into the Czech or foreign market
  • Commercial or logistics spaces that are in preparation or newly opened
  • Conclusion of a contract with a public institution
  • Changes in capital and the organizational structure
  • Increase or decline in the hiring of new people
  • Newly registered vehicles

Simple preparation of a list of companies that can be addressed according to advanced parameters, e.g.:

  • The real field of business
  • Number and focus of individual stores
  • Indicator of activity, accessibility and growth
  • International trade
  • Registered vehicles
  • Open job positions
  • Foreign ownership share
  • Age of company
  • Turnover value or its growth
  • Qualitative assessment of the company's headquarters

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