• Learn everything possible about a company and prepare for a business meeting
  • Create your own company lists and work with them further
  • Leverage best practices from hundreds of sales and marketing teams working with Prospector today

Detailed profiles of companies

  • Basic overview in a second
  • All relevant information neatly on one page
  • Unique data, which you won't find anywhere else
  • Daily refresh
  • Live database with new data sources added continuously
  • Customize the scope of displayed information

Create your own company lists and work with them further

  • Filter companies based on dozens of criteria
  • Import your own lists
  • Track what happens with companies in various lists
  • Enrich your lists with fresh company information and export to Excel

Leverage knowledge of hundreds of virtual colleagues

  • Discover hidden business potential in companies that you might not have thought of
  • Tens of prepared segments inspired by needs of sales people and marketers from various sectors
  • Prospector library grows steadily with new segments, signals and information sources
  • BizMachine data interpretation with advanced technologies including AI

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