• Data, analytical and project management support from our team
  • Leverage BizMachine's advanced data analytics capabilities and experience working with diverse sources of structured and unstructured data in many markets
  • Joint investments into building market knowledge, tapping new data sources and developing data interpretations

Examples of tailored projects

  • Cleaning and enhancing the customer database
  • Identifying and prioritizing the market for launching a new product
  • Calculation of potential for individual channels and dealers
  • Visualization of internal data enhanced with BizMachine information
  • Look-alike customer base analysis for discovering additional business opportunities

Case example: Analyze car make loyalty vs. switching of fleet customers for premium car importers

Context: New dynamics identified in the premium cars fleet market. Importers questioning whether this is a one-off situation or a longer-term trend


  • Collect significant behaviors (switch from one brand to another, stay loyal to the same brand, enter premium market, exit from premium market,  multibrand) 

  • Identify individual companies that fit the archetypes using vehicle registry data

  • Identify commonalities between companies within each archetype (testing over 200 criteria) bottom up

  • Synthesize the commonalities into company archetypes

  • Find companies that fit the company archetypes, but don’t have relevant registry records, thus classifying the overall market 


Case example: Identify Plastic injection molders across CEE region

Context: Successful raw material (plastic compounds resin) manufacturer and reseller wanted to expand internationally. Target = plastic molders across CEE region.



  • Get learning set of existing local customers from the client

  • Analyze learning set for content vectors, keywords and phrases using NLP methods

  • Develop automated web search scraper/ API connector (Google search, Bing) and run the keywords and phrases through it

  • Classify the results into end customer websites, aggregators, catalogs, irrelevant

  • Run BizMachine smart crawler in-depth on pre-selected sites and targeted crawls for all domains in the specific countries (.hu, .pl., etc) 

  • Mine and store important information from the sites, such as phone numbers, emails, machine brands, company HQ address, etc. using libraries of patterns


Case example: PMM repricing for a leader in parcel logistics

Context: A major player in parcel logistics acquired a competitor. The pricing across their B2B customers had to be consolidated. The question? How to do it without angering the customers and leaving money on the table. 



  • Collect the acquirer’s 12 price lists and transform them into mathematical formulas

  • Collect and clean the underlying data for all parcels sent by the customers of the acquired company (more than 2 million items)

  • Build an algorithm to compute the price for each item using each of the 12 tariffs (tens of millions of values) and add them all up for each customer into the pro-forma bill

  • Build an algorithm to calculate the difference between real and pro-forma billing select the most suitable tariff set for each customer

  • Provide the results to sales reps as a basis for negotiations


Case example: Build AI-enabled data pipeline for a B2B marketplace with construction materials

Context: A major traditional wholesaler of construction materials decided to disrupt the market by building a digital marketplace. This required processing of tens of thousands of disparate SKUs and classifying them neatly into understandable catalog.



  • Collect the “zillions” of input sources (ERP feeds, material databases, pictures, .pdf documents, printed paper pages, ...)

  • Create the target SKU template catalog & determine all the mandatory parameters for each SKU (e.g., length, weight, ...)

  • Create a library of patterns for SKUs and their parameters

  • Build loaders and parsers, to ingest and transform the source data using the pattern library and load them into the catalog

  • Build a supervisor app to highlight issues and enable overrides 

  • Wrap it all up in an AI “feedback loop” that learns from the supervisor actions 

  • Build REST API to publish the results to the outside world via a marketplace


Case example: Assess and test digital savviness of medical doctors for a large pharma company

Context: It is difficult, if not impossible, to talk to MDs in person during a pandemic. Which of them will respond to digital communication? And where doesn’t make any sense to even try?



  • Collect and compile industry sources (public lists of MDs, practices and licenses, scientific journals, conferences, ...)

  • Collect digital footprint of medical practices using BizMachine smart crawler and automated web search scrapers

  • Match and validate digital footprint and publications with medical practices and individual MDs (manual sample validation + automatic validation based on manually identified systemic issues)

  • Construct digital affinity and influence score 

  • Test response rates of various affinity and influence segments to digital communication by automated non-intrusive probing


Case example: Build data-driven outbound sales machine for the partner channel of a top-tier tech giant

Context: Every company might need digital services. But which ones exactly and when is the best time to talk about it to maximize uptake and value of the relationship? 



  • Analyze tens of thousands of B2B customers (using internal billing and behavioral data as well as external company data) 

  • Build a predictive model of purchase intent and volume based on 600+ tested parameters for over 300,000 companies collected using BizMachine smart crawler and other tools.

  • Setup integration with client CRM and BizMachine Prospector company intelligence tool for call agents, including reasons to call (traits relevant for the given prospect) and routing logic to third-party sales

  • Build evaluation engine for effectiveness of third-party sales (engagement speed, conversion rate, time-to-close, size deal, etc.)

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