• Up-to-date information and events for the efficient operation of all sales channels and departments
  • Segmentation of the entire market and customer base in real time according to your own parameters
  • Flexible way of delivering data via a ready API or automated data transfer

Several options to bring BizMachine data to your systems

  • Ready connectors to your CRM systems and analytical tools
  • Public BizMachine API
  • Private BizMachine API (pro informace na míru)
  • Dedicated FTP server solution
  • CSV / JSON file transfer

Opportunity to leverage BizMachine data in your internal ERP / CRM system

  • Complete company information from standard sources (state registry, state statistical office, central bank, company reports)
  • Data from extended and unstructured sources (e.g. social networks, media content, web, contract registry, state subsidies)
  • BizMachine company signals (e.g. change in ownership or management, investment activity, revenue growth , new significant contract, payment moral change)
  • Unique BizMachine data (e.g. meta indicators, company classification by activity, outlet identification and segmentation, vehicle registration, hiring activity)
  • Tailored-made analytics and processed client data via private server (e.g. dynamic segmentation, custom indicators, systematic processing of client data)
BizMachine BizMachine

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